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Raffles Education Corporation Limited (“RafflesEducation” or “the Group”) is the premier education Group. Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, the Group has grown to operate 22 colleges/universities in 20 cities across 12 countries in Asia-Pacific and Europe: Cambodia, The People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Thailand.


More than 20,000 students enrolled in RafflesEducation’s tertiary programmes benefit from a quality education that provides graduates with a well-rounded hands-on experience that is relevant to the industry.


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SGX Announcements

April 2021

Date Title
30 Apr 2021 Disclosure of Interest/Changes in Interest of Substantial Shareholder
30 Apr 2021 Response to SGX Queries
30 Apr 2021 Query Regarding Trading Activity
24 Apr 2021 General Announcement: Requisition of Extraordinary General Meeting
21 Apr 2021 General Announcement: Receipt of Letter from Shareholders


February 2021

Date Title
25 Feb 2021 General Announcement: Changes in the Composition of the Board
18 Feb 2021 Response to SGX Queries
11 Feb 2021 Financial Statements and Related Announcement: Half Yearly Results
11 Feb 2021 General Announcement: Changes in the Composition of the Board Committees
10 Feb 2021 General Announcement: Submission by OUCHK for Proposed Transfer of Listing from GEM to Main Board of Hong Kong Exchange


January 2021

Date Title
17 Jan 2021 Asset Acquisitions and Disposal: Early Redemption of Convertible Note