At Raffles Education Limited (“RafflesEducation”), we provide quality education in creative arts, design, lifestyle and business management to make a tangible difference in the lives of our students.  


As a growing premier education provider, we seek to make education an enriching life experience by developing industry-relevant skilled professionals and maintaining a culture that nurtures creative talent and management expertise. We are a member of the global community and behave as a responsible corporate citizen.  


Based in Singapore, the Chew Hua Seng Foundation was established to serve as an effective conduit for the philanthropic work of RafflesEducation and its founder and CEO, Mr Chew Hua Seng. As a global company built on education, RafflesEducation believes that the surest path to make a difference in young lives is through providing educational opportunities to underserved communities.


The Chew Hua Seng Foundation seeks to help underprivileged youths by granting them the resources they need to succeed in school and unlock their potential in life.


We are dedicated to filling basic needs to help youths get on with bigger things in their lives, reach their full potential, and become active contributors to the world economy.