Donation to Red Cross Foundation Langfang Office

14 June 2013

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a donation of RMB 1 million to Red Cross Foundation Langfang Office in support of its humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

Serangoon Citizens Consultative Committee Community Development and Welfare Fund

10 August 2012

Serangoon Citizens Consultative Committee Community Development and Welfare Fund was held on 10 August 2012.

Alpha Singapore

07 December 2011

In support of the Alpha Partners Fundraising Dinner.

Singapore Red Cross Society

10 May 2011

Donation was made to help the survivors affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011.

Lifeblood Centre

19 April 2011

The main objective of PCS Lifeblood Centre is to support poor and needy families whose children have cancer or thalassaemia and help alleviate their suffering. The funding from Chew Hua Seng Foundation will help to ease their burdens.

City of Truth Church

23 March 2011

In support of the publication of two Bible study books.

Catholic Business Network Singapore

07 March 2011

In support of the Catholic Business Network Charity Dinner 2011, the donation from Chew Hua Seng Foundation will benefit the needy at St Theresa Home and the Infant Jesus Homes & Children Centers.

Alpha Singapore 2011

30 November 2010

In support of Alpha Singapore fundraising event.

Serangoon Swing 2010/2011

30 November 2010

Donations made to Serangoon Swing 2010/2011 Countdown (Street) Party, which was organised by Serangoon Citizens Consultative Committee, was used to create a vibrant, colorful and memorable events for Serangoon residents, friends and supporters to usher in the New Year in a unique and fun way.

Adventist Home for the Elderly

24 September 2010

The donation will be used in the refurbishment of the old folks' home to modernise the living environment and create a new exercise area for the elderly in the community.

Society for Continence (Singapore)

31 August 2010

The Society for Continence (Singapore) is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to helping the sick and disabled aged who are suffering from involuntary leakage of urine and faeces, known in medical term as incontinence. The funding from Chew Hua Seng Foundation will improve and support the needs of fellow Singaporeans to deal with incontinence-related problems.

Bishan Community Club

31 August 2010

Contribution was made in support of the upgrading works to Bishan Community Club. To cope with the increasing demand for a healthy lifestyle of it residents, Bishan Community Club will be upgrading its facilities by building another floor as well as implementing new features and facilities such as an outdoor rock climbing wall, interactive water feature, additional youth activity space, games room and computer room and even a well-equipped gymnasium with a panoramic view.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

19 July 2010

This contribution aided in the development of a natural history museum that will serve as a valuable resource for biodiversity research and help generate interest among present and future generations in the importance of ecology, conservation and the environment to human survival and development.


To be opened in 2014, the museum will be renamed the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and it will benefit future generations of Singaporeans and visitors alike.

2010 World Expo: Life Sunshine Three on the Bund Charity Drive, Shanghai China

3 June 2010


The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a donation to Life Sunshine Three on the Bund Charity Drive held in China. The objective is to raise funds to provide free surgical treatment to impoverished people in China suffering from cataract blindness. This donation will restore the eyesight of 50 individuals, thus enhancing their lives.

Swinging in Singapore

10 May 2010

Donation was made to a charity dinner & concert in celebration of Jeremy Monteiro’s 50th birthday. With the aid of Community Chest, funds raised will benefit over 340,000 beneficiaries, giving them hope and cheer for a better future.

SJ Formation Church

19 August 2009

This is in support of the Jesus community. Being servants of Christ’s mission, the group is involved in ministries of the Word of interiority and of sacramental service, teaching catechism, doctrine and morals, formation of younger men to continue the propagation of the faith, reconciling the estranged and facilitating works of mercy.

The Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (Cheng San)

01 July 2009

The Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (Cheng San) requested for financial assistance to help a single parent with 2 young children. The single father has multiple health issues and is currently in the fourth stage of rectal cancer and has left him with debts due to his medical treatment. Thus with the interim assistance from Chew Hua Seng Foundation, it can help to tide through the family’s financial problems while looking for alternative long term support.

Charity Race Day 2009 in Aid of Assisi Hospice

02 July 2009

Organised by The Business Times, together with the Singapore Financial Women’s Association and a group of well-wishers, a fundraising luncheon-cum-tea event was held at the Singapore Turf Club for Assisi Hospice.


Assisi Hospice provides comprehensive services and personalised support to patients with terminal illness needing end-of-life care. The palliative care services cater to the total care of terminally-ill patients; its focus is for patients to live their remaining days in dignity and peace. Assisi has provided support to more than 1000 in-patients and patients living in the community and their families since 2009.

City of Truth Church

09 July 2009

In support of the church’s mission trips to Tg Pinang Island.

Run Singapore for the President’s Challenge

23 July 2009

Singapore Cares (SG Cares) organised Run Singapore, a charity run in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the President’s Challenge. Participants of Run Singapore will, for the first time, run on the official route of the Marina Bay Street Circuit used by 2009 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX.


This being the 10th Anniversary of the President’s Challenge, there will be 10 adopted beneficiaries for the Run. Funds are expected to be raised from registration fees from runners, corporate contributions and sponsors. Run Singapore is about rallying people in Singapore, young and old, from all walks of life, businesses and the community, to volunteer and give their time, money and in-kind donation for a good cause. It is about community bonding and mobilising people to get together to help the needy. This togetherness represents the spirit of volunteerism.


Prior to the flag off of Run Singapore, SG Cares will be officially launched. SG Cares is a new nationwide initiative from the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre to provide flexible volunteer opportunities for community service. SG Cares aims to make volunteering fun, enjoyable and above all, meaningful where everyone who wants to help can do so easily. In collaboration with its partners, SG Cares will structure flexible volunteer projects and post them onto a real time online portal for individuals to sign up. There will be different opportunities for people from all walks of life in Singapore to contribute to a wide range of causes. Run Singapore is just the start.

National University Hospital (NUH) Patientcare Fund

13 May 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation contributed to the NUH Patientcare Charity Fund which aims to improve the quality of life in the community by providing financial assistance to needy patients and their families, and by strongly supporting medical research and medical education for better patient care.

Community Foundation of Singapore

05 May 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation started the spirit of becoming a founding donor to this meaningful ‘Giving’ initiative. The Community Foundation of Singapore is an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organisation which builds a collection of funds from many donors in the community. It provides services to the community and its donors, makes grants, and undertakes community leadership and partnership activities to address a wide variety of needs.

St Luke's Hospital Charity Golf Tournament 2009

21 April 2009


St Luke’s Hospital is a community hospital for patients aged 40 years and older. The hospital focuses on holistic care by a team of specialist family physicians, nurses and therapists, which will enable patients to regain sufficient functional independence and return to their own home. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation supported the good cause of St Luke’s Hospital that helps the needy, elderly and sick in the community.

Sponsorship of the Dyslexia Symposium 2008

05 May 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation started the spirit of becoming a founding donor to this meaningful ‘Giving’ initiative. The Community Foundation of Singapore is an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organisation which builds a collection of funds from many donors in the community. It provides services to the community and its donors, makes grants, and undertakes community leadership and partnership activities to address a wide variety of needs.


This is the first time a Dyslexia Symposium is organised in Singapore by Orton-Gillingham Centre. The aim is to create awareness among general public about dyslexia, an ‘invisible’ disability that affects 1 out of 8 children in any given population. If left untreated, dyslexia may result in many social and emotional problems for the individuals suffering from it.

Contribution to the annual fundraising event of MILK Dinner 2008

17 September 2008

The MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Fund is a charity organisation which reaches out to disadvantaged children in the hope of assisting them in becoming fully contributing members of society. These children often come from troubled or low-income families, suffer from chronic disease, are physically challenged and often find themselves caught in the downward spiral of poverty, disability and illness.


The Chew Hua Seng Foundation has been working closely with MILK and supporting various referred cases, particularly those families whose circumstances do not meet the criteria of the MILK and Students Care Service Compassion Fund.

Dover Park Hospice Charity Ball

12 September 2008


This charity ball is in support of Dover Park Hospice for its palliative care services. Dover Park Hospice was started in 1992 to provide palliative care to the terminally ill. It provides compassionate, professional care in a serene and comfortable environment, together with a group of dedicated doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers to give their best care to the patients.

SAMH YouthReach

12 September 2008

YouthReach is a recovery programme for children and youth identified with emotional and psychological problems. YouthReach aims to develop the child's social and functioning competencies through life skills training. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation sponsored a trip to Sentosa during the September school holidays for members of YouthReach to foster bonding.

Donation to Nargis Cyclone victims

13 May 2008


This was a combined effort and great initiative by staff and students of Raffles Education Limited and Raffles Design Institute to donate money by means of food, clothing and medical supplies to the Cyclone victims in Myanmar.


Sichuan Earthquake Relief Work

12 May 2008


When the Wen Chuan earthquake struck on 12 May 2008 in China, millions around the world rallied in the country to give their moral and financial support. Having established a deep relationship with China through his many years of involvement with the local education industry, Mr Chew Hua Seng, Chairman and CEO of Raffles Education Limited, rendered immediate assistance to the victims with a donation of more than RMB500,000 to aid students from the disaster area who were studying at Raffles’ partner universities in Shanghai, Beijing, Changchun, Changzhou and Wuhan. A total of 146 students benefited from the Foundation's donation, which assisted them to tide through this difficult period. On 12 June 2008, Mr Chew donated another RMB500,000 through the administration office of Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone to aid in the relief work.

Operation Hope Foundation

25 April 2008

In line with the Chew Hua Seng Foundation’s objective to alleviate poverty in the communities where it operates, it made a contribution to the Operation Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to the needs of children and the poor.

Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association

24 April 2008


Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore) is a non-profit, voluntary welfare organisation registered with an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. Formed in 1997, CARE Singapore, which is also a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), recognises that "it is far easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a contribution to CARE Singapore to support its work with schools to reach out to youths who are at risk of academic failure, display emotional and behavioral problems, suicidal tendencies and juvenile delinquency.