Event Highlights

Supporting Red Cross Foundation Langfang Office


On 14 June 2013, the Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a donation of RMB1 million to Red Cross Foundation Langfang Office in support of its humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. The humanitarian social relief organisation firmly abides by the seven Fundamental Principles of the Movement: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The Red Cross Foundation continues to work hard to increase its contribution towards the well-being of the Chinese people and towards world peace and progress. During the 2013 Sichuan earthquakes, the Red Cross Foundation played a vital role in assisting victims in the South-West China province, where 212 were killed, 11,000 were injured, and 13,000 homes were destroyed. More than 220,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

A New Look To The Serangoon Community Club Multi-Purpose Hall


On 24 August 2008, some 13 Interior Design students from Raffles Design Institute brought a whole new look to The Serangoon Community Club Multi-Purpose Hall. This Re-decoration project was part of Raffles Education Limited’s responsibility towards the society and as an effort to reach out to the community.

Bringing Joy To IMH


Once again, the Psychology students have fulfilled their commitment in reaching out to the community through volunteer work at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). With the help of the Achievers group, a senior volunteer organisation in IMH, the students took part in feeding and organised activities to bring joy to the elderly at the long-stay ward.


Before the activities began, the student volunteers were reminded to observe proper decorum inside the ward. During the games activity, the participants were very cooperative and sporting. When they were asked to render a song, they obliged. Some danced and even won themselves a prize. The student volunteers also went around and looked for some shy ones to talk to, and even played mahjong with them. One way to show one’s commitment is when one makes oneself available not once, but many times.


Through the leadership of Jeanie, a Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology student, the group of volunteers went back for another visit, this time to another ward - the female long-stay ward. And just like their first visit, the volunteers spent time to chat and entertain with their new friends. After the visit, the students surely felt the joy of giving. Their commitment will not stop there.

Reaching Out To The Youths


Much to the delight of our Psychology student volunteers who conducted the weekly activities at the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) Youthreach division, they have been receiving positive response from the young participants.


It would be observed that after every activity, the student volunteers would come out of the SAMH Youthreach Centre happy and fulfilled. Apart from having that sense of fulfillment for doing something good for others, they also developed their public speaking skills which made them more confident in their communication with people. Furthermore, they became more sensitive and empathetic towards the less fortunate. Most of the time, the volunteers did not mind spending extra time listening to the youths. Moreover, as part of the students’ training, they got feedback from the Centre and the school’s Centre of Professional Development representative to gain insights in conducting activities. These tips would be useful for their future careers.


At the concluding part of the sessions, the students were touched to receive artistic personalised Thank you card from the youths.


The sessions might be over, but the students’ spirit of volunteerism lingers. Some have expressed their intention to go back to the centre and spend at least once a week to run their own sessions. They were also willing to assist in the administration job.


Follow-up activities have been planned. One of them would take place on 5 September at Sentosa Leisure Island, which was organised by the student volunteers and funded by the Chew Hua Seng Foundation. The programme would include games by the beach and watching the Songs of the Sea. Another event is a Christmas party in December which will be held at the Centre.



Raffles Education Limited Marks World Mental Health Day


Raffles Education Limited is aware that not many people have an understanding of the mental health care and status in Singapore. By combining forces with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) to mark World Mental Health Day, it hopes to change people’s perception about patients with mental health problems and encourage people to look at the topic positively. Hundreds of guests and students, including Guest of Honour, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, Minister of Parliament, and Silver Ribbon (Singapore) volunteers witnessed this event through a series of activities and workshops at our campus on 6 October.


The Trip To Shan You


It was a month-long wait before this day arrived. The group of Psychology students was excited because they were going to Shan You Counseling Centre, one of the many Volunteer Welfare Organizations (VWOs) and definitely one of the more remarkable ones for taking responsibility on reaching out to poor families and needy individuals.


At the Centre, the students helped the staff to prepare for the jumble sales, pack and deliver goods to the family recipients. The room was packed with donations, especially bags of rice, from generous and caring people who did not mind making the journey down to the Centre.


The students had a fruitful day at the Centre. They could better comprehend the meaning of giving and doing good, as evidenced from the fact that some decided to get involved in the Centre’s upcoming outreach activities. The students were glad that they have the ability to help others.