Business Overview

RafflesEducation is a premier education Group that is committed to providing quality education and education-related services through its network of institutions across Asia-Pacific and Europe.


Our strategic goal is to nurture and groom skilled professionals through the transfer of industry-relevant knowledge and technical know-how to succeed in the globalised economy. The Group strives to provide a well-balanced education that encourages creative and critical thinking, thus allowing students to realise their potential and aspirations, while enjoying the learning process at our colleges.


Since its founding in 1990, RafflesEducation has grown its portfolio from one college in Singapore to 16 educational institutions in 14 cities across 9 countries.


Our colleges offer a comprehensive range of internationally recognised programmes leading to Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree and Masters qualifications.


RafflesEducation is Committed to
Provide Quality Education and Education-Related Services
Through its Network of Institutions.