Our Advantages

Through our network of colleges, RafflesEducation has a comprehensive discipline range which our students can choose to study. A diversified spectrum of specialisations is available within each discipline to cater to students’ needs, ranging from Diploma, Undergraduate to Postgraduate levels.


International Qualification and Recognition

We offer degree programmes to students. A unique combination of theory and practice ensure all graduates possess the skills and knowledge required by employers. Our qualifications are well recognised in the industry evidenced by our numerous award winning students and the success stories of our graduates.


Industry Projects and Internships

Our students obtain practical hands on experience through internships and commercial projects. This helps our graduates gain valuable experience that enhances their employability and personal portfolios. We profile our students even as they are undergoing our programmes to increase their visibility within the industry and to commercial companies. These commercial companies often end up being their future employers.


Inter-College Transfer of Credits

Studying in Asia offers students the advantage of understanding the diverse cultures and market practices of Asia. Through our vast network of colleges, we offer a inter-college credits transfer system in the Asia-Pacific region. Students gain international qualifications and have the opportunity to live in different cities in Asia, be it the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Sydney, or the financial hubs of Shanghai and Beijing. This brings an unparalled learning experience for our students.


Jump Start Careers

Our students have the opportunity of interacting with international students and lecturers of diverse nationalities and cultures in our colleges. Owing to an intensive academic calendar of four terms per year, our students begin their careers comparatively earlier than their peers to achieve an equivalent qualification.


Intensive Academic Calendar

There are four intakes annually in January, April, July and October. This intensive academic calendar allows our students to commence their studies at a time convenient to them. Our graduates also enter the workforce at four separate times throughout the year, thus maximising their employment prospects as well as facilitating the ongoing human resource requirements of the industry. Our programmes run on an academic year that consists of four terms, with 10 to 12 study weeks and a short break between terms.